Bath Road Central Virtual Running Club

BRC is delighted to be introducing a running club suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.

The club will run through an app called Strava (free download onto your phone from Google Play or the Apple Store). Once up and running (excuse the pun!) the app will track your route automatically, logging times and distances and tracking your progress. The app also allows you to see the progress of your fellow BRC users which can be very useful if you find a little competition good motivation!

The program is designed to help you learn to love exercise and to also encourage people to come together giving you an opportunity to get to know who your local exercise buddies are.

Please note, you do NOT have to run to join the club – the app will work just as well for those who would prefer to walk or cycle.

The app can track you wherever you are, so don’t feel limited to routes in the BRC / Slough area.

To join, simply download the app to your phone or wearable device, search for our club called “Bath Road Central – Fitness Challenge”, (see image below) and then click to join it.

If you’re taking your first tentative steps, or planning your 2nd marathon, Bath Road Central virtual running club will encourage and motivate you while keeping things fun and relaxed. We hope to inspire our community to join together in running and fitness walking, and we look forward to seeing you out there soon!

In January 2018 we are running a challenge with weekly winners.

Week 1 winner: Chris Dollimore for the greatest distance run, 44km

Week 2 winner: P Stoods for consistently running every day