Escape Room – The Results!

The winners of our Escape Room event, held on Thursday 15th March 2018, are Patel’s Team from UCB with an amazing time of 7 minutes and 40 seconds! – They were so quick we had to check the escape room to ensure they didn’t cheat!

The rest of the results are:

UCB (Wild’s Team)                                     16m 25s
Telefonica | Tesco Mobile Team                14m 46s
Furniture Village                                          20m 4s
Eaton Electric Ltd                                        16m 37s
SBD inc                                                         17m 54s
FCA                                                                15m 54s
UCB (Lebrun’s Team)                                  22m 37s
Segro                                                             16m 18s
LONZA                                                           19m 21s

Click here to see photos from the day’s fun and games!