Trial Cycle Lane on Bath Road

Slough Borough Council have introduced a new, trial bus lane along Bath Road. SBC have introduced this scheme under an Experimental Traffic Order. This means that for a six month period following the introduction of the experimental TRO, those who live and work in the borough will be able to comment here.

The below information is from SBC:

The A4 Bath Road trial scheme includes a bus and cycle lane replacing East and West bound traffic lanes along the route. It runs from the Dover Road junction on the A4 to Uxbridge Road junction. It’s been designed and implemented in response to the government’s initiative to:

– get people to actively travel in the wake of the coronavirus crisis
– support social distancing measures for cyclists and pedestrians
– prepare for the borough’s recovery.

This is one, of a series of temporary changes proposed to bring a green restart to local travel with the Department for Transport providing funding to fast track measures.