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Slough has the second highest level of productivity per worker in the UK producing Gross Value Add per worker of £71,600, compared to £73,600 per worker in London and 31% above the UK national average.

(ONS, Regional Value Added (Income Approach), 2015 data. ONS 2016, Business Register and Employment Survey,2015 data.)

New Start Ups

Slough is the highest performing centre in the Thames Valley for service exports
increased 35% between 2014 and 2015.

(ONS, 2016, Business Demography, 2015 data)

Broadband speed

Slough’s superfast broadband speed is above the national average with 78% of premises’ also able to access Ultrafast broadband compared to the UK national average of 51%.

(Thinkbroadband, Q1 2017)

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Business stock

The number of businesses operating in Slough increased 42% over the last five years, the highest of any city in the UK.

(ONS 2016, Business Demography 2015 & 2014 data)

Educated workforce

Slough has a highly educated workforce with 69% of pupils in the area achieving five or more 5A* – C GCSEs, the highest in the country compared to the national average of 58%.

37% of Slough’s working age population is qualified to NVQ4 or degree level, one of the top 15 cities in the UK and above the national average.

(NOMIS, Annual Population Survey/Department for Education 2012, GCSE and Equivalent Results in England, 2010/11 data)

Housing stock

Housing stock has in Slough has grown 3.3% over the last five years, a city with the fifth largest growth in housing stock in the UK.

House prices in Slough are 45% more affordable at £235,803, when compared to the average Crossrail house price of £420,798.

(Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG))