Cafe, The Central Social

The Central Social cafe will be open from Monday 19th July 2021

The Central Social, our very own cafe for all at BRC, is open in 234 Bath Road, serving snacks and food on the go daily from 9am to 3pm.

“It is really close to us, there really hasn’t been a proper place to eat and enjoy coffee anywhere near. Their selection of coffees, salads and sandwiches is great and I especially like that the quality is top notch” MH, Eaton

“Coffee is amazing, best in town, do try it!” JM, LAH Property

“I really enjoy eating in new café – the venue is perfect for us, very close to work, with several types of food and drinks.” TA, Eaton

The current sample menu can be downloaded here.

A hospitality menu will be available from Monday 9th August wherupon you may pre order your business lunches and they will be delivered to your building reception.

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